Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Pleasent Surprise


Thanks to Yvonne of Muimui25 for passing me this Special Award, I never thought of having any Award.I am very touch and appreciate it.

My 7 random things are;
1.Have been interested to do cookies,bread or chiffon cake.
2.I don`t know how to make jokes but really like to make friends with funny people.
3.favorite comfort food are pandan chiffon cake& assam prawns.
4.wish that i can travel to Greece this year.
5.Love art and all things adorable
6.l love to cooking and traveling
7.Habit to buy recipe books

I passing these lovely award to;

1. Wendy of Table for 2.... or more...
2. Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover
3.The Little Teochew 
4.Nasi Lemak Lover

5.Lee Lee of Baking Mum

6.Blessed Homemaker
7. Quinn's Baking Diary

11.Bake for happy kids
12.Bitter Sweet Flavo

13.Piggy's Cooking Journal
14.Cooking Crave
15. frozen wings

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