Tuesday, March 29, 2011


When I saw these donut at miumiu`s blog I bookmarked it right away but only now I have the chance to try it out.today,I would like to share with you this fried donut,this is a type of donut that you can easily get it from pasar(local market).在瑞典market也买的到不过有点贵一个要SD$1.80(9kr).I always like the traditional donuts coated with sugar compare to the cakey kinds that were coated with all kinds of toppings.
 Here is my homemade version on the mini donuts, it is very easy to prepare too. Must try! :) ..
This recipe is a keeper as the doughnuts turn out to be really soft and fluff.
 Ingredient for dough A;
300g high protein flour,200plain flour,80g caster sugar,5g salt,20g milk power,10g instant yeast
Ingredient for dough B
230ml water,1 egg
Ingredient C
40g butter
1.Combine ingredient A together in a mixer,Add in ingredient B and beat to form a dough.Add in ingredient C and continue to beat till a smooth dough is formed.it should have an elastic touch,wrap dough in a roomy plastic bag,tie bag loosely.
2.Leave to proof for 30 minutes till it doubles its size.Roll dough into 1cm in thickness.use a doughnut cutter to cut out doughnuts.Leave on a tray n let it rise for the second time,taking 20min
3.Use medium heat  to deep-fry doughnuts till golden .Remove,place on absorbent papers.Dredge with sugar whilst hot.

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