Sunday, November 28, 2010

西班牙の 之旅

                                                            西班牙の  我来了!! 

                                        Parc Guell is really a very beautiful park

Everywhere above the brick pillars made beauties design. This is one of them

     This stall was selling dried fruit, beans and a lot of beautiful chocolate....


   This is one of the stalls,above hung a string of dried chili peppers and garlic..

          This is a stall at the entrance, including a full of ham, very spectacular

Jamon(ham) are usually cured at least 18 months or more,lt does not taste like the Italian Prosciutto.Italian Prosciutto look relatively wet,jamon look more dry,,Basically,its bacon and chinese practice,but we usually have to cook with the bacon,but in Europe the ppl of this generation cut directly into their mouths and chew a piece of raw meat....

          Candy stand!!      

                  One of Barcelona city center square

Dress themselves from head to tail are painted silver, as the art of sacrifice, a great spirit!!

Port Vell really big, more surprising is that even then the largest port was also the crowded yacht moored....

Rambla Del Mar is really beautiful.... Rambla Del Mar is the most tail Barcelona World Trade Centre

Casa Mila is not difficult to find, its shape and other nearby buildings especially compared to many. Unfortunately we do not have access to visit. lt is understood,
Casa Mila are designed inside and out with nature,plants on,,,,,,,,
Like its winding shape, like its unique rooftop railing.ln fact,the focus of the Casa Mila is in its interior design,and it was open air of the top floor...

I like the Casa Batllo shape. Casa Batllo wall not only labeled dense, colorful tiles, each with its balcony railings were built as if the same mask..

                             ~~ Coffee with milk ~
                            In Spain, coffee, milk need to say Minga

                             Otherwise, they'll give you a cup of espresso

This is what I always wanted to try, seafood and rice.I like the taste. . Hee hee
                                             ~Shellfish Seafood Paella ~
Paella is Spanish - the meaning of meals. Must be regarded as points in a Spanish restaurant meal.
This paella is another point, taste very good, very good to eat. ^ _ ^
                                                    ~Spain tour ended, , the next journey is Portugal~