Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer in Sweden(在瑞典的仲夏)

刚从纽约回来,有时差还來不及调整回就忙着参加在瑞典一年一度的盛夏。夏天是瑞典人最开心的一天也是他们的暑假的开始了。而且每天晚上十点太阳公公才下山⋯早上4点就天亮了。虽然己经是第四次参加⋯心情还是很兴奋. 跟往常一样由男性抬着装饰了美丽的花草和国旗的maypole 然后插入草丛里⋯ 很多人聚会在一起,玩游戏,吃呀,喝呀,跳舞!大家围着圈圈跳舞,很多瑞典人都会穿着他们当地风情的服装,而且会把自己编制好的花圏带在头上⋯瑞典朋友好热情他们知道我不会做这花圈,也准备了一个给我⋯入乡随俗我也学跳他们的舞蹈。他们的舞蹈很有趣⋯很多都是生活中的动作和模仿小动物的动作。我非常喜欢他们的传统服饰,这就是每个地方的文化不同吧!是我还真感受到这的风俗舞蹈。虽然很累但是很开心。 傍晚时我们就在一对非常热情的瑞典朋友家用餐,也是我在瑞典最好的朋友。她准备了很多都是瑞典的当地小吃,味道还不错吃! 非常喜欢瑞典朋友的家园,有如梦幻家园一样,有个美丽的庭院⋯种了好多草莓,葡萄,篮莓,苹果等等⋯装置的非常漂亮舒适⋯ 就这样玩玩闹闹到11点才回家。等有空才上在纽约和加拿大的照片!好累哇!但很开心。
                               非常 喜欢这张照片
Summer days are long and warm and light in Sweden. In the northern reaches, the sky darkens briefly to twilight, then lightens again. There is something alluring about an evening that knows no darkness. You get the calmness of night without its pathology, and you can see the people you are with. It's hard to imagine a better time for a party, and for Swedes the Midsummer party is always the best. 
Midsummer celebrations occur on the Friday and the forthcoming weekend closest to June 24, the "official" Midsummer's Day. As this weekend approaches, thousands and thousands of Swedes head for the country, where they arrive at an open field. There, they raise a "Midsummer pole," or a maypole, which is decorated with leaves and flowers, flags and fetishes. They dance and sing around the pole, play traditional games, consume enormous amounts of food and drink, and let the evening take them away.
The late evening often ends with a swim in the sea or a sunwarmed lake, since the water temperature is often agreeable and Sweden is surrounded by water both inland and along the coasts.
In the cities, the parties take place in parks or communal spaces, and long tables are laid out for food and beverages.


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