Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soccer Ball cake

I made this Soccer Ball cake to surprise Jen son nick,whom is a hardcore Liverpool fan. this was meant to be a surprise cake for him :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Whole egg 203g
Egg yolk 32g, fine sugar 135g, syrup 21g, salt 1g, salad oil 32g, cocoa powder 21g, low-gluten flour 106g, baking soda powder 1g, milk 21cc

Ingredients:Buttert cream;
200 gm. Sugar
60 gm. water

140 gm. egg white

300 gm. butter
300 gm. Margarine
(1) Boil sugar and water till thick but flowy.
(2) Whisk egg white till fluffy, then pour in the hot syrup.
(3) Continue whisking the egg white till cool.
(4) Slowly add in the chilled butter and margarine and let it beat till thick and fluffy.

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