Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Baby shower Cake For Baby Chace

A sweet 1st month baby theme cake for Claire's little darling - Chace Chen
she didn't have much requirements and just leave the design to me .....So, I've decided to made a cheerful rainbow chocolate sponge cake with Oreo butter cream filling and frosted with butter cream... 

I`ve spent almost 2hour to get all done for these cupcakes..

Those Cupcakes have comes together with some naughty and cutie decorations,I have decorated some of these with bootie and teddy bear,some with mini rose....and also with Angry Bird and baby..
not too bad hor! kekekeeee... It is such a blessing to be able to bake and design/decorate something that make the families happy, and I enjoyed the process throughout the night and am really happy that they like the design(cake).

  Something cute for this theme.... N some cupcakes to go along with the main cake !love this :D
  I don't have a bootie cutter, so just look at the photo and draw the template out .. not too close to the bootie i saw , but quite close...  



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